IS366(ISOLDE) Measurement of the 7Be(p,gamma)8B Cross-Section with an implanted target
IS409(REX-ISOLDE) Fusion Reactions at the Coulomb Barrier with Neutron-rich Mg Isotopes
IS411(REX-ISOLDE) Coulomb Excitation of Neutron-Rich A ~ 140 Nuclei
IS413(ISOLDE) High-Precision Mass Measurements of Exotic Nuclei with the Triple-Trap Mass Spectrometer Isoltrap
IS430(REX-ISOLDE) Study of Neutron-Rich Be Isotopes with REX-ISOLDE
IS432(ISOLDE) Diffusion of 52Mn in GaAs
IS433(ISOLDE/WITCH) Search for new Physics in Beta-Neutrino Correlations using Trapped Ions and a Retardation Spectrometer
IS437(ISOLDE) Precision Measurement of the Half-Life and the Beta-Decay Q Value of the Superallowed O+-> O+ Beta Decay of 38Ca
IS440(ISOLDE) Shape Effects along the Z=82 line: study of the beta decay of 188,190,192Pb using total Absorption Spectroscopy
IS445(ISOLDE) Experiments with the newly available Carbon Beams at ISOLDE
IS448(ISOLDE) Pb(II) and Hg(II) binding to de novo designed proteins studied by 204mPb- and 199mHg-Perturbed Angular Correlation of y-rays (PAC) spectroscopy: Clues to heavy metal toxicity
IS450(ISOLDE) Diffusion of 56Co in GaAs and SiGe alloys
IS451(ISOLDE) Shape coexistence in neutron-rich Sr isotopes : Coulomb excitation of 96Sr
IS453(ISOLDE) Emission channeling lattice location experiments with short-lived isotopes
IS456(ISOLDE) Study of polonium isotopes ground state properties by simultaneous atomic- and nuclear-spectroscopy
IS459(ISOLDE) Further Studies of neutron-deficient Sn-isotopes using REX-ISOLDE
IS460(ISOLDE) Magnetic dipole moments of High-K isomeric states in Hf isotopes
IS462(ISOLDE) Off-Line Tests and First On-line Installation of the Laser Ion Source Trap LIST - Application for CVC Test and CKM Unitarity
IS463(ISOLDE) Decay studies and mass measurements on isobarically pure neutron-rich Hg and Tl isotopes
IS464(ISOLDE) (n,p) emission channeling measurements on ion-implanted beryllium
IS465(REX-ISOLDE) Evolution of Nuclear Shape in the light Radon Isotopes
IS468(REX-ISOLDE) Investigation of Beam Purity after in-trap Decay and Coulomb Excitation of 62Mn-62Fe
IS471(ISOLDE) Collinear Resonant Ionization Laser Spectroscopy of Rare Francium Isotopes
IS472(ISOLDE) High Resolution optical spectroscopy in isotopically-pure Si using radioactive isotopes: towards a re-evaluation of deep centres
IS473(ISOLDE) Search for new candidates for the neutrino-oriented mass determination by electron-capture
IS474(ISOLDE) Fast-timing studies of nuclei below 68Ni populated in the B-decay of Mn isotopes
IS475(ISOLDE) Measurements of octupole collectivity in 220,222Rn and 222,224Ra using Coulomb excitation
IS476(ISOLDE) Studies of B-delayed two-proton emission : The cases of 31Ar and 35Ca
IS478(ISOLDE) Shape determination in Coulomb excitation of 72Kr
IS479(ISOLDE) Shape coexistence measurements in even-even neutron-deficient Polonium isotopes by Coulomb excitation, using REX-ISOLDE and the Ge MINIBALL array.
IS481(ISOLDE) The role of In in III-nitride ternary semiconductors
IS482(ISOLDE) Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich28,29,30Na nuclei with MINIBALL at REX-ISOLDE: Mapping the borders of the island of inversion
IS483(ISOLDE) Measurement of the magnetic moment of the 2+state in neutron-rich radioactive 72,74Zn using the transient field technique in inverse kinematics
IS484(ISOLDE) Ground-state properties of K-isotopes from laser and beta-NMR spectroscopy
IS486(ISOLDE) Crystal Field Investigations of Rare Earth Doped Wide Band Gap Semiconductors
IS487(ISOLDE) Study of Local Correlations of Magnetic and Multiferroic Compounds
IS488(ISOLDE) Ag(I), Pb(II) and Hg(II) binding to biomolecules studied by Perturbed Angular Correlation of gamma-rays (PAC) spectroscopy: Function and toxicity of metal ions in biological systems
IS489(ISOLDE) Radiotracer diffusion in semiconductors and metallic compounds using short-lived isotopes
IS490(ISOLDE) Masses of Noble Gases
IS491(ISOLDE) Probing the N=50 shell gap near 78Ni
IS492(ISOLDE) Defects in ZnO, CdTe, and Si: Optical, structural, and electrical characterization
IS493(ISOLDE) Nuclear structure studies of the neutron-rich Rubidium isotopes using Coulomb excitation
IS494(ISOLDE) Measurements of competing structures in neutron-deficient Pb isotopes by employing Coulomb excitation
IS495(ISOLDE) Study of oblate nuclear shapes and shape coexistence in neutron-deficient rare earth isotopes
IS496(ISOLDE) Study of the effect of shell stabilization of the collective isovector valence-shell excitations along the N=80 isotonic chain
IS497(ISOLDE) Laser Spectroscopy of Cadmium Isotopes: Probing the Nuclear Structure Between the Neutron 50 and 82 Shell Closures
IS498(ISOLDE) High-Precision Mass Measurements in the Rare-Earth Region to Investigate the Proton-Neutron Interaction
IS500(ISOLDE) Collection of Rb-83 at low implantation energy for KATRIN
IS501(ISOLDE) Emission Mossbauer spectroscopy of advanced materials for opto- and nano-electronics
IS502(ISOLDE) Study of single particle properties of neutron-rich Na isotopes on the "shore of the island of inversion" by means of neutron-transfer reactions
IS503(ISOLDE) Magnetic dipole moment of the doubly closed-shell plus one proton nucleus 49Sc
IS504(ISOLDE) Probing the semi-magicity of 68Ni via the 3H(66Ni,68Ni)p two-neutron transfer reaction in inverse kinematics
IS505(ISOLDE) Study of the deuteron emission in the beta decay of 6He
IS506(ISOLDE) Mapping the boundaries of the seniority regime and collective motion: Coulomb excitation studies of N=122 isotones 206Po and 208Rn
IS507(ISOLDE) Study of the beta-decay of 20Mg
IS508(ISOLDE) Collinear laser spectroscopy of manganese isotopes using optical pumping in ISCOOL
IS509(ISOLDE) Production and Release of Gas and Volatile Elements from Sodium-based Targets
IS510(ISOLDE) Study of the proton-neutron interaction around 68 Ni : Vibrational Structure of 72,74 Zn
IS511(ISOLDE) Shape coexistence in the lightest Tl isotopes studied by laser spectroscopy
IS512(ISOLDE) Resonant proton scattering of 22Mg and 21Na
IS513(ISOLDE) Study of the odd-A, high-spin isomers in neutron-deficient trans-lead nuclei with ISOLTRAP
IS514(ISOLDE) Diffusion in Intermetallic Compounds Studied Using Short-Live Radioisotopes
IS515(ISOLDE) Radioactive probe studies of coordination modes of heavy metal ions from natural waters to functionalized magnetic nanoparticles
IS516(ISOLDE) Coulomb excitation of 116Te and 118Te: a study of collectivity above the Z= 50 shell gap
IS517(ISOLDE) Determination of the Magnetic Moment of 140Pr
IS518(ISOLDE) Extending and Refining the Mass Surface around 208Pb by High-Precision Penning-Trap Mass Spectrometry with ISOLTRAP
IS519(ISOLDE) Shell structure and level migrations in zinc studied using collinear laser spectroscopy
IS520(ISOLDE) Study of 13Be through isobaric analog resonances in the Maya active target
IS521(ISOLDE) Simultaneous spectroscopy of x rays and conversion electrons: Systematic study of E0 transitions and intruder states in close vicinity of mid-shell point in odd-Au isotopes
IS522(ISOLDE) A=225 implantation for 221Fr source for TRIUMF atom trap
IS523(ISOLDE) Determination of the B(E3,0+ -> 3-) strength in the octupole correlated nucleus 144Ba using Coulomb excitation
IS524(ISOLDE) Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich odd-A Cd isotopes
IS525(ISOLDE) Study of multi-neutron emission in the beta-decay of 11Li
IS526(ISOLDE) Proton resonance elastic scattering of 30Mg for single particle structure of 31Mg}
IS527(ISOLDE) Precision measurement of the half-life and branching ratio of the T=1/2 mirror beta decay of 37K
IS528(ISOLDE) Novel diagnostic and therapeutic radionuclides for the development of innovative radiopharmaceuticals
IS529(ISOLDE) Spins, Moments and Charge Radii Beyond 48Ca
IS530(ISOLDE) Properties of low-lying intruder states in 34Al and 34Si sequentially populated in beta-decay of 34Mg
IS531(ISOLDE) Collinear resonant ionization spectroscopy for neutron rich copper isotopes
IS532(ISOLDE) Seeking the Purported Magic Number N = 32 with High-Precision Mass Spectrometry
IS533(ISOLDE) Collection of a radioactive source of Krypton-83 to study the gas distribution dynamics in a large GRPC detector
IS534(ISOLDE) Beta-delayed fission, laser spectroscopy and shape-coexistence studies with radioactive At beams
IS535(ISOLDE) Penning-trap mass spectrometry of neutron-rich copper isotopes for probing the Z = 28 and N = 50 shell closures
IS536(ISOLDE) Gamma spectroscopy of n-rich 95,96Rb nuclei by the incomplete fusion reaction of 94Kr on 7Li: Introduction to HIE-ISOLDE studies of n-rich Sb and Tl isotopes with Sn and Hg radioactive beams
IS537(ISOLDE) Properties of neutron-rich hafnium high-spin isomers
IS538(ISOLDE) Precision measurement of the half-life of 109In in large and small lattice environments
IS539(ISOLDE) Shape effects in the vicinity of the Z=82 line: study of the beta decay of 182,184,186Hg
IS540(ISOLDE) UCx prototype target tests for ActILab-ENSAR
IS541(ISOLDE) Search for beta-delayed protons from 11Be
IS542(ISOLDE) Remeasurement of Ar-32 to test the IMME
IS543(ISOLDE) Measurement of the 44Ti(alpha,p)47V reaction cross section, of relevance to gamma-ray observation of core collapse supernovae, using reclaimed 44Ti
IS544(ISOLDE) Study of chemically synthesized ZnO nano particles under a bio template using radioactive ion beam
IS545(ISOLDE) Experimental investigation of decay properties of neutron deficient 116-118Ba isotopes and test of 112-115Ba beam counts
IS546(ISOLDE) Study of the effect of shell stabilization of the collective isovector valence-shell excitations along the N=80 isotonic chain
IS547(ISOLDE) Coulomb excitation of the two proton-hole nucleus 206Hg
IS548(ISOLDE) Evolution of quadrupole and octupole collectivity north-east of 132 Sn: the event Te and Xe isotopes
IS549(ISOLDE) Coulomb Excitation of Neutron-rich 134-136Sn isotopes
IS550(ISOLDE) Study of the Di-nuclear System ARb + 209Bi (Z1 + Z2 = 120)
IS551(ISOLDE) Coulomb excitation of doubly magic 132Sn with MINIBALL at HIE-ISOLDE
IS552(ISOLDE) Measurements of octupole collectivity in Rn and Ra nuclei using Coulomb excitation
IS553(ISOLDE) Determination of the B(E3,0+->3-) strength in the octupole correlated nuclei 142,144Ba using Coulomb excitation
IS554(ISOLDE) Search for higher excited states of 8Be* to study the cosmological 7Li problem
IS555(ISOLDE) Study of shell evolution in the Ni isotopes via one-neutron transfer reaction in 70Ni
IS556(ISOLDE) Spectroscopy of low-lying single-particle states in 81Zn populated in the 80Zn(d.p) reaction
IS557(ISOLDE) Coulomb excitation 74Zn-80Zn (N=50): probing the validity of shell-model descriptions around 78Ni
IS558(ISOLDE) Shape Transition and Coexistence in Neutron-Deficient Rare Earth Isotopes
IS559(ISOLDE) Statistical properties of warm nuclei: Investigating the low-energy enhancement in the gamma strength function of neutron-rich nuclei
IS560(ISOLDE) Nuclear-moment studies in the odd-mass In isotopes up to N=82 using the Tilted Foils technique
IS561(ISOLDE) Transfer reactions at the neutron dripline with triton target
IS562(ISOLDE) Transfer Reactions and Multiple Coulomb Excitation in the 100Sn Region
IS563(ISOLDE) Coulomb excitation of 182-184 Hg: Shape coexistence in the neutron-deficient lead region
IS564(ISOLDE) Study of the unbound proton-rich nucleus 21Al with resonance elastic and inelastic scattering using an active target
IS565(ISOLDE) Q-values of Mirror Transitions for fundamental interaction studies
IS566(ISOLDE) Probing intruder configurations in 186,188Pb using Coulomb excitation
IS567(ISOLDE) Energy of the 2p1h intruder state in 34Al: an extension of the "island of inversion"?
IS568(ISOLDE) High-resolution laser spectroscopy of nickel isotopes
IS569(ISOLDE) Solving the shape conundrum in 70Se
IS570(ISOLDE) Beta decay of the N=Z, rp-process waiting points: 64Ge, 68Se and the N=Z+2: 66Ge, 70Se for accurate stellar weak-decay rates
IS571(ISOLDE) Study of the stability of the gallium isotopes beyond the N = 50 neutron shell closure.
IS572(ISOLDE) Study of shell evolution around the doubly magic 208Pb via a multinucleon transfer reaction with an unstable beam
IS573(ISOLDE) Laser Spectroscopy of Tin and Cadmium: Across N = 82 and Closing in on N = 50
IS574(ISOLDE) Precision Mass Measurements with ISOLTRAP to Study the Evolution of the N=82  Shell Gap far from Stability
IS575(ISOLDE) Beta-delayed neutrons from oriented 137,139I and 87,89 Br nuclei
IS576(ISOLDE) Magnetic and structural properties of manganese doped (Al,Ga)N studied with Emission Mössbauer spectroscopy
IS577(ISOLDE) beta-3p spectroscopy and proton-gamma width determination in the decay of 31Ar
IS578(ISOLDE) Atomic scale properties of magnetic Mn-based alloys probed by Emission Mössbauer spectroscopy
IS579(ISOLDE) Study of octupole deformation in n-rich Ba isotopes populated via â  decay
IS580(ISOLDE) Emission Channeling with Short-Lived Isotopes: lattice location of impurities in semiconductors and oxides
IS581(ISOLDE) Determination of the fission barrier height in fission of heavy radioactive beams induced by the (d,p)-transfer
IS582(ISOLDE) 31Mg â-NMR applied in chemistry and biochemistry
IS583(ISOLDE) â-NMR of copper isotopes in ionic liquids
IS584(ISOLDE) Beta-decay study of neutron-rich Tl and Pb isotopes
IS585(ISOLDE) Interaction and Dynamics of add-atoms with 2-Dimensional Structures : (PAC studies of mono- and low- number of stacking layers)
IS586(ISOLDE) \nEmbedding of  163   Ho and  166m   Ho in the energy absorbers of low temperature metallic magnetic calorimeters
IS587(ISOLDE) Characterising excited states in and around the semi-magic nucleus\n 68 Ni using Coulomb excitation and one-neutron transfer
IS588(ISOLDE) Core breaking and octupole low-spin states in 207 Tl
IS589(ISOLDE) 206 Po sources for production and release studies relevant for high power spallation targets
IS590(ISOLDE) Characterization of the low-lying 0 + and 2 + states of 68 Ni
IS592(ISOLDE) Search for beta-transitions with the lowest decay energy for a determination of the neutrino mass
IS593(ISOLDE) Implanted 7Be Targets For The Study of Neutron Interactions With 7Be : (The ¿Primordial 7Li Problem)
IS594(ISOLDE) Collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy of radium ions
IS595(ISOLDE) Spectroscopy of particle-phonon coupled states in 133Sb by the cluster transfer reaction of 132Sn on 7Li: an advanced test of nuclear interactions
IS596(ISOLDE) 2 + Anomaly and Configurational Isospin Polarization of 136Te
IS597(ISOLDE) Probing Shape Coexistence in neutron-deficient 72 Se via Low-Energy Coulomb Excitation
IS598(ISOLDE) In-source laser spectroscopy of mercury isotopes
IS599(ISOLDE) Study of neutron-rich 51−53 Ca isotopes via beta-decay
IS600(ISOLDE) Beta-delayed neutron Spectroscopy of 130-132 Cd Isotopes with the ISOLDE Decay Station and the VANDLE array
IS601(ISOLDE) P-426 Measurement of the Beta asymmetry parameter in Ar decay with a laser polarized beam.
IS602(ISOLDE) Cu(I), Ag(I), Cd(II), and Pb(II) binding to biomolecules studied by Perturbed Angular Correlation of gamma-rays (PAC) spectroscopy
IS603(ISOLDE) Measurement of the super-allowed branching ratio of 10C
IS604(ISOLDE) An implanted^{228}Ra source for response characterization of bolometers