Programme Name Synonym Title Status
AD AD-2 ATRAP Cold Antihydrogen for Precise Laser Spectroscopy Data Taking
AD AD-5 ALPHA Antihydrogen Laser PHysics Apparatus Data Taking
SPS AWAKE Advanced WAKEfield Experiment Preparation
Non-accelerator experiments CAST A Solar Axion Search Using a Decommissioned LHC Test Magnet Data Taking
CTF3 CTF3 CLIC Test Facility 3 Preparation
ISOLDE Facility IS433 ISOLDE/WITCH Search for new Physics in Beta-Neutrino Correlations using Trapped Ions and a Retardation Spectrometer Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS478 ISOLDE Shape determination in Coulomb excitation of 72Kr Data Taking
ISOLDE Facility IS522 ISOLDE A=225 implantation for 221Fr source for TRIUMF atom trap Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS540 ISOLDE UCx prototype target tests for ActILab-ENSAR Data Taking
ISOLDE Facility IS543 ISOLDE Measurement of the 44Ti(alpha,p)47V reaction cross section, of relevance to gamma-ray observation of core collapse supernovae, using reclaimed 44Ti Data Taking
ISOLDE Facility IS572 ISOLDE Study of shell evolution around the doubly magic 208Pb via a multinucleon transfer reaction with an unstable beam Preparation
ISOLDE Facility IS582 ISOLDE 31Mg â-NMR applied in chemistry and biochemistry Preparation
ISOLDE Facility IS600 ISOLDE Beta-delayed neutron Spectroscopy of 130-132 Cd Isotopes with the ISOLDE Decay Station and the VANDLE array Data Taking
ISOLDE Facility IS603 ISOLDE Measurement of the super-allowed branching ratio of 10C Preparation
ISOLDE Facility IS614 ISOLDE Measurement of the super-allowed branching ratio of 22Mg Preparation
ISOLDE Facility IS622 Cu decay into neutron-rich Zn isotopes: shell structure near $^{78}$Ni Preparation
ISOLDE Facility IS628 Nuclear moment studies of short-lived excited states towards the Island of Inversion. g factor of 28Mg (2+) using TDRIV on H-like ions. Preparation
ISOLDE Facility IS632 Neutron unbound single particle states in 133Sn from the beta decay of 133In Preparation
ISOLDE Facility IS638 ISOLDE Study of the kinetics of complex formation and in vivo stability of novel radiometal-chelate conjugates for applications in nuclear medicine Preparation