Programme Name Synonym Title Status
LHC ALICE ALICE - A Large Ion Collider Experiment Data Taking
LHC CMS CMS - The Compact Muon Solenoid Data Taking
CTF3 CTF3 CLIC Test Facility 3 Preparation
GRADE GR1 SIMPLE Silicon Photo Multipliers for Generic Detector R&D Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS397 ISOLDE Charge Breeding of Radioactive Ions in an Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source(ECRIS) at ISOLDE Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS420 ISOLDE Study of the beta-delayed Particle Emission of 17Ne Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS421 REX-ISOLDE Study of Neutron-Rich 124,126,128Cd Isotopes; Excursion from Symmetries to Shell-Model Picture Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS457 ISOLDE Laser spectroscopy of gallium isotopes using the ISCOOL RFQ cooler Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS461 ISOLDE Investigation of the Proton-Neutron Interaction by High-Precision Nuclear Mass Measurements Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS463 ISOLDE Decay studies and mass measurements on isobarically pure neutron-rich Hg and Tl isotopes Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS465 REX-ISOLDE Evolution of Nuclear Shape in the light Radon Isotopes Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS474 ISOLDE Fast-timing studies of nuclei below 68Ni populated in the B-decay of Mn isotopes Data Taking
ISOLDE Facility IS475 ISOLDE Measurements of octupole collectivity in 220,222Rn and 222,224Ra using Coulomb excitation Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS479 ISOLDE Shape coexistence measurements in even-even neutron-deficient Polonium isotopes by Coulomb excitation, using REX-ISOLDE and the Ge MINIBALL array. Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS494 ISOLDE Measurements of competing structures in neutron-deficient Pb isotopes by employing Coulomb excitation Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS519 ISOLDE Shell structure and level migrations in zinc studied using collinear laser spectroscopy Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS543 ISOLDE Measurement of the 44Ti(alpha,p)47V reaction cross section, of relevance to gamma-ray observation of core collapse supernovae, using reclaimed 44Ti Data Taking
ISOLDE Facility IS557 ISOLDE Coulomb excitation 74Zn-80Zn (N=50): probing the validity of shell-model descriptions around 78Ni Preparation
ISOLDE Facility IS563 ISOLDE Coulomb excitation of 182-184 Hg: Shape coexistence in the neutron-deficient lead region Preparation
ISOLDE Facility IS566 ISOLDE Probing intruder configurations in 186,188Pb using Coulomb excitation Preparation