Programme Name Synonym Title Status
LHC ALICE ALICE - A Large Ion Collider Experiment Data Taking
R&D CALICE Proposal for SPS beam time for the CALICE calorimeter prototypes In-Progress
Non-accelerator experiments CAST A Solar Axion Search Using a Decommissioned LHC Test Magnet Data Taking
LHC CMS CMS - The Compact Muon Solenoid Data Taking
CTF3 CTF3 CLIC Test Facility 3 Preparation
LHC FASER Forward search experiment at the LHC Preparation
SPS HERD The High Energy cosmic Radiation Detection facility Test
ISOLDE Facility IS660 ISOLDE Collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy of silver between N=50 and N=82 Preparation
ISOLDE Facility IS663 ISOLDE Rotational and Hyperfine Structure of RaF Molecules Preparation
ISOLDE Facility IS664 ISOLDE Investigation of octupole deformation in neutron- actinium using high-resolution in-source laser spectroscopy Preparation
ISOLDE Facility IS667 ISOLDE Laser spectroscopy of neutron-rich tellurium isotopes Preparation
ISOLDE Facility IS677 ISOLDE The (dd,pp) reaction on 1111Be: Bringing clarity to our understanding of the structure of 1212Be  Preparation
ISOLDE Facility IS682 ISOLDE Probing the magicity and shell evolution in the vicinity of N=50N=50 with high-resolution laser spectroscopy of 81,8281,82Zn isotopes  Preparation
LHC LHCB LHCb Data Taking
Future Collider Study Linear Collider Detector LCD Preparation
R&D RD50 Development of Radiation Hard Semiconductor Devices for Very High Luminosity Colliders In-Progress
R&D RD51 Development of Micro-Pattern Gas Detectors Technologies In-Progress
RE RE1 AMS Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) for Extraterrestrial Study of Antimatter, Matter and Missing Matter on the International Space Station Preparation