Programme Name Synonym Title Status
R&D CALICE Proposal for SPS beam time for the CALICE calorimeter prototypes In-Progress
LHC CMS CMS - The Compact Muon Solenoid Data Taking
SPS CNGS1 OPERA An Appearance Experiment to Search for nu_mu --> nu_tau Oscillations in the CNGS Beam Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS368 ISOLDE Lattice Location of Transition Metals in Semiconductors Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS381 ISOLDE Isospin Mixing In N ~ Z Nuclei Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS409 REX-ISOLDE Fusion Reactions at the Coulomb Barrier with Neutron-rich Mg Isotopes Data Taking
ISOLDE Facility IS410 REX-ISOLDE Evolution of Single Particle and Collective properties in the Neutron-Rich Mg Isotopes Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS412 REX-ISOLDE Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich nuclei between the N=40 and N=50 shell gaps using REX-ISOLDE and the Ge MINIBALL array Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS424 REX-ISOLDE Inelastic Branch of the Stellar Reaction 14O(a,p)17F Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS429 ISOLDE Parity Non-Conservation in Nuclei: the Case of 180mHf Revisited Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS431 ISOLDE Beta-Asymmetry Measurements in Nuclear Beta-Decay as a Probe for Non-Standard Model Physics Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS433 ISOLDE/WITCH Search for new Physics in Beta-Neutrino Correlations using Trapped Ions and a Retardation Spectrometer Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS443 ISOLDE Mossbauer Studies of dilute Magnetic Semiconductors Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS456 ISOLDE Study of polonium isotopes ground state properties by simultaneous atomic- and nuclear-spectroscopy Data Taking
ISOLDE Facility IS457 ISOLDE Laser spectroscopy of gallium isotopes using the ISCOOL RFQ cooler Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS459 ISOLDE Further Studies of neutron-deficient Sn-isotopes using REX-ISOLDE Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS465 REX-ISOLDE Evolution of Nuclear Shape in the light Radon Isotopes Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS466 ISOLDE Identification and Systematical Studies of the Electron-capture delayed Fission (ECDF) in the Lead Region. Part I: ECDF of 178,180T1 and 200,202Fr isotopes Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS467 ISOLDE beta-decay Studies of Neutron rich 61-70 Mn Isotopes with the new LISOL beta-decay setup Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS468 REX-ISOLDE Investigation of Beam Purity after in-trap Decay and Coulomb Excitation of 62Mn-62Fe Completed