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Completed Experiments

Programme Name Synonym Title Date of Approval Status
AD AD-1 ATHENA Antihydrogen Production and Precision Experiments The ATHENA Collaboration 12-06-1997 Finished
AD AD-4 ACE Relative Biological Effectiveness and Peripheral Damage of Antiproton Annihilation 06-02-2003 Completed
SPS CNGS1 OPERA An Appearance Experiment to Search for nu_mu --> nu_tau Oscillations in the CNGS Beam 15-02-2001 Completed
SPS CNGS2 ICARUS A search programme of explicit v-oscillations with the icarus detector... 10-04-2003 Completed
PS E51 \xi produced by 1.5 GeV/c K-.Strength of the \delta - \delta interaction by observation of the decays of double hyperfragments 17-02-1965 Finished
PS E52 Study of heavy fragments emitted in the interactions of 12 GeV protons with complex nuclei 17-03-1965 Finished
PS E54 Exposures to K- mesons with momenta above 10 GeV/c 02-12-1964 Finished
PS E55 Hyperfragment studies 07-10-1964 Finished
PS E55a Stopping K- for hyperfragment studies with loaded emulsion 17-02-1965 Finished
PS E56 Fission studies with mica detectors 02-12-1964 Finished
PS E58 Precision measurement of the magnetic moment of the \Delta0 Finished
SPS EMU01 IONS Study of Particle Production and Nuclear Fragmentation in Collisions of 16O Beams with Emulsion Nuclei 13-200 A GeV 15-11-1984 Finished
SPS EMU02 IONS Search for Fractionally Charged Nuclei in High-Energy Oxygen-Lead Collisions 15-11-1984 Finished
SPS EMU03 IONS Interactions of 16O Projectile and its Fragments in Nuclear Emulsion at about 60 and 200 GeV/nucleon 15-11-1984 Finished
SPS EMU04 IONS Measurements of Coulomb Cross Section for Production of Direct Electron-pairs by High Energy Ions at the CERN SPS 06-02-1986 Finished
SPS EMU05 IONS Study of Extremely Short-range Particle Correlations in High Energy Ion Collisions 06-02-1986 Finished
SPS EMU06 IONS Study of Production Mechanisms and Decay Properties of Charmed Particles Observed in Nuclear Emulsions Coupled to the NA14 Spectrometer 05-06-1986 Finished
SPS EMU07 IONS/KLM Interactions of 60-200 GeV/Nucleon 16O and 32S (40Ar) Nuclei in Light and Heavy Absorbers 03-06-1987 Finished
SPS EMU08 IONS Study of Particles Production in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions 03-09-1987 Finished
SPS EMU09 An Emulsion Hybrid Setup for the Study of Sulphur-Nucleus Collisions at 200 GeV/N 06-04-1989 Finished