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Completed Experiments

Name Synonym Title Programme Date of Approval Status
AD-4 ACE Relative Biological Effectiveness and Peripheral Damage of Antiproton Annihilation AD 06-02-2003 Completed
IS649 Charge radii and moments of 43−50Sc, crossing N = 28, measured with bunched beam collinear laser spectroscopy at COLLAPS AD 06-12-2017 Completed
AD-2 ATRAP Cold Antihydrogen for Precise Laser Spectroscopy AD 12-06-1997 Completed
AD-1 ATHENA Antihydrogen Production and Precision Experiments The ATHENA Collaboration AD 12-06-1997 Finished
GR03 AUGMENT generic R&D and augmented reality techniques GRADE 08-06-2016 Finished
GR02 TT-PET Thin Time-Of-Flight PET project GRADE 08-06-2016 Finished
GR04 HEALTH detectors for health and safety GRADE 08-06-2016 Finished
GR1 SIMPLE Silicon Photo Multipliers for Generic Detector R&D GRADE 09-12-2015 Finished
IS310 ISOLDE Alpha-Emission Channeling Studies of the Interaction of Li with Defects in Si and Diamond ISOLDE Facility 06-02-1992 Finished
IS337 ISOLDE Saturation of Deformation and Identical Bands in Very-Neutron Rich Sr Isotopes ISOLDE Facility 30-09-1993 Finished
IS340 ISOLDE Emission Chann.St.of the Lattice Site of Oversized Alkali Atoms Metals ISOLDE Facility 10-02-1994 Finished
IS343 ISOLDE Test of a High Power Target Design ISOLDE Facility 16-06-1994 Finished
IS350 ISOLDE Speciation of Aquatic Heavy Metals in Humic Substances by 111mCd/199mHg - TDPAC ISOLDE Facility 20-04-1995 Finished
IS351 ISOLDE Search for 73Rb and Investigation of Nuclear Decay Modes Near the Z=N Line in the Border Region of the Astrophysical RP-Process Path ISOLDE Facility 15-06-1995 Finished
IS352 ISOLDE Search for the Deformation Signature in the Gamow Teller Decay of N=7 even even Nuclei above A=60 ISOLDE Facility 15-06-1995 Finished
IS354 ISOLDE Identification and Decay Studies of New, Neutron-Rich Isotopes of Bismuth, Lead and Thallium by Means of a Pulsed Release Element Selective Method ISOLDE Facility 11-04-1996 Finished
IS40 ISOLDE Atomic-Beam Magnetic Resonance Experiments at ISOLDE ISOLDE Facility 17-06-1982 Finished
IS80 ISOLDE Study of Nuclear Moments and Mean Square Charge Radii by Collinear Fast-Beam laser Sperctroscopy ISOLDE Facility 18-11-1982 Finished
IS82 ISOLDE Multiphoton Ionization Detection in Collinear Laser Spectroscopy of Isolde Beams ISOLDE Facility 15-11-1984 Finished
IS83 ISOLDE Nuclear Ground State Properties in Strontium by Fast Beam Laser Spectroscopy ISOLDE Facility 05-06-1986 Finished