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Completed Experiments

Name Synonym Title Programme Date of Approval Status
WA105 NP02 LBNO DEMO Neutrino Platform 28-08-2013 Finished
WA104 ICARUS ICARUS Neutrino Platform 28-08-2013 Finished
WA103 Experimental Study of a Positron Source Using Channeling SPS 09-12-1999 Finished
WA102 OMEGA/CENTPROD A Search for Centrally Produced non-qqbar Mesons in Proton Proton Interactions at 450 GeV/c using the CERN OMEGA Spectrometer and GAMS-4000 SPS 22-09-1994 Finished
WA101 Study of Various Processes with 160 A GeV Pb Beam SPS 25-11-1993 Finished
WA100 SPS 25-11-1993 Finished
WA99/2 IONS/EL.CAPT Charge Changing Collisions, Energy Loss & EM Nuclear Reactions of 160GeV A:208Pb SPS 20-04-1995 Finished
WA99 IONS/EL.CAPT. Meas.of Pair Prod.& Electron Capture from the Continuum in Heavy Particle Coll. SPS 15-04-1993 Finished
WA98 Large Acceptance Measur. of Photons and Charged Particles in Heavy Ion Reactions SPS 16-04-1992 Finished
WA97 OMEGA ION Study of Baryon & Antibaryon Spectra in Lead Lead 160 GeV/c per Nucleon SPS 18-09-1991 Finished
WA96 NOMAD Search for the Oscillation numu to nutau. SPS 18-09-1991 Finished
WA95 CHORUS A New Search for numu to nutau Oscillations SPS 18-09-1991 Finished
WA94 IONS Study of Baryon and Antibaryon Spectra in Sulphur Sulphur Interactions at 200 GeV/c per Nucleon SPS 04-04-1991 Finished
WA93 LUD A Light Universal Detector for the Study of Correlations between Photons and Charged Particles SPS 22-11-1990 Finished
WA92 BEATRICE Measurement of Beauty Particle Lifetimes and Hadroproduction Cross-Section SPS 06-07-1990 Finished
WA91 OMEGA/GLUEBALL-3 A Search for Centrally Produced Non- qbarq Mesons in Proton Proton Interactions 450 GeV/c Using the CERN Omega Spectrometer SPS 05-04-1990 Finished
WA90 IONS/EL.CAPT. Measurements of Pair Production and Electron Capture from the Continuum in Heavy Particle Collisions SPS 05-04-1990 Finished
WA89 OMEGA/HYPERON Hyperon Beam Experiment SPS 11-02-1988 Finished
WA88 ION/PLASTIC3 Tests of Bubble Damage Detectors in a Heavy Ion Beam from the SPS SPS 03-06-1987 Finished
WA87 ION/PLASTIC2 Investigation of Nuclear Fragmentation in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions Using Plastic - Nuclear - Track Detectors SPS 03-06-1987 Finished