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Completed Experiments

Name Synonym Title Programme Date of Approval Status
IS499 ISOLDE Study of the onset of deformation and shape coexistence in 46 Ar via the inverse kinematics (t,p) reaction ISOLDE Facility 03-03-2010 Completed
IS463 ISOLDE Decay studies and mass measurements on isobarically pure neutron-rich Hg and Tl isotopes ISOLDE Facility 10-09-2007 Completed
IS462 ISOLDE Off-Line Tests and First On-line Installation of the Laser Ion Source Trap LIST - Application for CVC Test and CKM Unitarity ISOLDE Facility 10-09-2007 Completed
IS459 ISOLDE Further Studies of neutron-deficient Sn-isotopes using REX-ISOLDE ISOLDE Facility 10-09-2007 Completed
IS427 ISOLDE Nuclear Moments and Charge Radii of Magnesium Isotopes from N=8 up to (and Beyond) N=20 ISOLDE Facility 27-05-2004 Completed
IS425 ISOLDE Radioactive Probes on Ferromagnetic Surfaces ISOLDE Facility 27-05-2004 Completed
RE5 EXPLORER Cryogenic resonant-mass gravitational wave detector RE 17-09-1998 Completed
IS366 ISOLDE Measurement of the 7Be(p,gamma)8B Cross-Section with an implanted target ISOLDE Facility 06-07-1998 Completed
NA49 IONS/TPC-HADRONS Large Accept.Hadron Detect.for an Inv.of Pb-induced Reactions at the CERN SPS SPS 18-09-1991 Completed
IS504 ISOLDE Probing the semi-magicity of 68Ni via the 3H(66Ni,68Ni)p two-neutron transfer reaction in inverse kinematics ISOLDE Facility 01-12-2010 Completed
CNGS1 OPERA An Appearance Experiment to Search for nu_mu --> nu_tau Oscillations in the CNGS Beam SPS 15-02-2001 Completed
IS503 ISOLDE Magnetic dipole moment of the doubly closed-shell plus one proton nucleus 49Sc ISOLDE Facility 03-03-2010 Completed
CNGS2 ICARUS A search programme of explicit v-oscillations with the icarus detector... SPS 10-04-2003 Completed
IS418 REX-ISOLDE Coulomb Excitation of Neutron Deficient Sn-Isotopes using REX-ISOLDE ISOLDE Facility 05-06-2003 Completed
IS417 ISOLDE Delayed Particle Study of Neutron Rich Lithium Isotopes ISOLDE Facility 10-04-2003 Completed
IS415 REX-ISOLDE Magnetic Moments of Coulomb Excited 2+1 States for Radioactive Beams of 132,134,136Te and 138Xe Isotopes at REX-ISOLDE ISOLDE Facility 10-04-2003 Completed
AD-4 ACE Relative Biological Effectiveness and Peripheral Damage of Antiproton Annihilation AD 06-02-2003 Completed
IS414 ISOLDE Advanced Time-Delayed Coincidence Studies of 31, 32Mg from the beta-decays of 31, 32 NA ISOLDE Facility 06-02-2003 Completed
IS413 ISOLDE High-Precision Mass Measurements of Exotic Nuclei with the Triple-Trap Mass Spectrometer Isoltrap ISOLDE Facility 06-02-2003 Completed
RE9 NESTOR Neutrino Extended Submarine Telescope with Oceanographic Research RE 23-11-2000 Completed