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Completed Experiments

Name Synonym Title Programme Date of Approval Status
PS187 PS 22-10-1981 Finished
WA76 OMEGA/GLUEBALL-1 SPS 22-04-1982 Finished
WA100 SPS 25-11-1993 Finished
S96 pi- p Charge Exchange on Polarized Butanol Target PS 24-09-1969 Finished
S133 pi pi Scattering Lengths and Phase Shifts for low pi pi Masses PS 09-05-1973 Finished
SC73 pi Backward Scattering on nuclei SC 12-05-1977 Finished
S63 pi - d elastic scattering PS 10-05-1967 Finished
WA13 pbarp Two-Body Reactions at Large pT in OMEGA SPS 08-07-1976 Finished
PS172 LEAR/SING pbarp Total Cross-Sections and Spin Effects in pbarp to K+K-, pi+ pi-, pbarp above 200 MeV/c PS 27-11-1980 Finished
EMU20 pbar-Induced Fission Studies with Plastic Track Detectors Using 4pi-Geometry SPS 20-04-1995 Finished
S66 n-p Scattering above 6 GeV/c PS 07-06-1967 Finished
SC93 MUSR muSR-Measurements under High Pressure and at Low Temperatures SC 27-07-1981 Finished
SC82 MUSR mu SR in Organic and Free Radical Chemistry SC 18-01-1979 Finished
IS467 ISOLDE beta-decay Studies of Neutron rich 61-70 Mn Isotopes with the new LISOL beta-decay setup ISOLDE Facility 27-02-2008 Completed
IS577 ISOLDE beta-3p spectroscopy and proton-gamma width determination in the decay of 31Ar ISOLDE Facility 27-11-2013 Finished
IS331 ISOLDE as IS330; earth isot.w.rotat.prot 225Ac PET GCH ISOLDE Facility 15-04-1993 Finished
E51 \xi produced by 1.5 GeV/c K-.Strength of the \delta - \delta interaction by observation of the decays of double hyperfragments PS 17-02-1965 Finished
PS142 X-rays of Protonium lpar pbar p atom) PS 13-11-1974 Finished
RD37 Very Forward Hadron Calorimetry at the LHC Using Parallel Plate Chambers R&D 10-02-1994 Finished
IS363 ISOLDE Use of Radioactive Beams for Bio-Medical Research ISOLDE Facility 12-06-1997 Finished