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Name Synonym Title Programme Date of Approval Status
NA32 ACCMOR Investigation of Charm Production in Hadronic Interactions Using High - Resolution Silicon Detectors SPS 18-11-1982 Finished
RD-3 ACCORDION Liquid Argon Calorimetry with LHC-Performance Specifications R&D 20-09-1990 Finished
AD-4 ACE Relative Biological Effectiveness and Peripheral Damage of Antiproton Annihilation AD 06-02-2003 Completed
AD-6 AEGIS Antihydrogen Experiment Gravity Interferometry Spectroscopy AD 05-12-2008 Preparation
RD32 ALICE TPC Dev.of a Time Projec.Chamber w.High Two Tr.Resol.Cap.x Heavy Ion Collid. R&D 26-11-1992 Finished
AD-5 ALPHA Antihydrogen Laser PHysics Apparatus AD 02-06-2005 Data Taking
RE1 AMS Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) for Extraterrestrial Study of Antimatter, Matter and Missing Matter on the International Space Station RE 20-11-1997 Preparation
RE6 ANTARES Astronomy with a Neutrino Telescope and Abyss environmental Research RE 09-12-1999 Data Taking
AD-3 ASACUSA Atomic Spectroscopy and Collisions Using Slow Antiprotons The ASACUSA Collaboration AD 20-11-1997 Data Taking
AD-1 ATHENA Antihydrogen Production and Precision Experiments The ATHENA Collaboration AD 12-06-1997 Finished
AD-2 ATRAP Cold Antihydrogen for Precise Laser Spectroscopy AD 12-06-1997 Data Taking
RE3 AUGER PROJECT The Pierre Auger Observatory experiment RE 06-07-1998 Extension
GR03 AUGMENT generic R&D and augmented reality techniques GRADE 08-06-2016 Preparation
RE28 Advanced Virgo An interferometric gravitational-wave antenna RE 17-04-2013 Preparation
RE18 ArDM The Argon Dark Matter Experiment RE 05-12-2008 Preparation
AD-8 BASE Baryon Antibaryon Symmetry Experiment AD 05-06-2013 Data Taking
WA92 BEATRICE Measurement of Beauty Particle Lifetimes and Hadroproduction Cross-Section SPS 06-07-1990 Finished
WA78 BEAUTY Search for the Hadroproduction of BbarB Pairs SPS 16-06-1983 Finished
PS180 BEBC/NEUTRINO Search for Neutrino Oscillations at CERN PS Using BEBC PS 19-03-1981 Finished
RD43 BHCAL Proposal for Research & Develop.of a Hadron Calorimeter for High Magnetic Fields R&D 22-09-1994 Finished