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Name Synonym Title Programme Date of Approval Status
CNGS The CERN neutrino beam to Gran Sasso SPSC Finished
ICANOE ICARUS&NOE Collab. Imaging and Calorimetric Neutrino Oscillation Experiment SPSC Finished
NA10 DRELL-YAN High Resol.St.of the Inclusive Prod.of Massive Muon Pairs by Intense Pion Beams SPS 16-03-1978 Finished
NA35 IONS/STREAMER CH. Study of Relativistic Nucleus - Nucleus Collisions SPS 03-02-1983 Finished
NA33 CRYSTAL Experimental Study of Single Vertex (e-.-e+) Pair Creation in a Crystal SPS 02-02-1984 Finished
NA32 ACCMOR Investigation of Charm Production in Hadronic Interactions Using High - Resolution Silicon Detectors SPS 18-11-1982 Finished
NA31 CP VIOLATION Measurement of mid eta 00 mid 2/ mid eta +- mid 2 SPS 16-09-1982 Finished
NA30 Precision Determination of the Lifetime of the Neutral Pion SPS 17-06-1982 Finished
NA29 Study of pi- pi0 Production via Primakoff Effect on Nuclei SPS 17-02-1982 Finished
NA28 Study of Shadowing and Hadron Production in High Energy mu Scattering Using Nuclear Targets SPS 17-02-1982 Finished
NA26 A Prototype Experiment to Study Charmed Particle Production and Decay using a Holographic High Resolution Hydrogen Chamber (HOLEBC) and the European Hybrid Spectrometer SPS 21-05-1981 Finished
NA23 Study of Diffractive Dissociation Especially into Strange and Charmed Particles with EHS SPS 16-10-1980 Finished
NA22 The Influence of Parton Structure on Hadronic Interactions in EHS with a K+/pi+/p Beam at 250 GeV/c SPS 16-10-1980 Finished
NA21 High Statistics Study of pbarp Annihilation Physics at the EHS SPS 16-10-1980 Withdrawn
NA19 Direct Observation of Beauty Particles Selected by Muonic Decay in Emulsion SPS 15-11-1979 Finished
NA18 Search for Short-Lived Particles Produced on Nuclei with a Heavy Liquid Mini Bubble Chamber SPS 15-11-1979 Finished
NA17 Momentum and Angular Correlations Study in pi- Nuclei Jets at High Energies using Emulsion Telescopes Technique with Magnetic Field SPS 20-09-1979 Finished
NA15 Search for Charmed Hadron Production in pi- Nucleus Interactions in Nuclear Emulsion SPS 14-06-1979 Finished
NA14/2 PHOTOPRODUCTION A Programme of Heavy Flavour Photoproduction SPS 25-04-1983 Finished
NA13 Search for Direct Evidence for Charm in Hadronic Interactions using a High-Resolution Bubble Chamber SPS 16-11-1978 Finished