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Programme Name Synonym Title Date of Approval Status
Non-accelerator experiments ACCESS Advanced Cosmic-ray Composition Exp. for the Space Station Finished
AD AD-1 ATHENA Antihydrogen Production and Precision Experiments The ATHENA Collaboration 12-06-1997 Finished
AD AD-2 ATRAP Cold Antihydrogen for Precise Laser Spectroscopy 12-06-1997 Data Taking
AD AD-3 ASACUSA Atomic Spectroscopy and Collisions Using Slow Antiprotons The ASACUSA Collaboration 20-11-1997 Data Taking
AD AD-4 ACE Relative Biological Effectiveness and Peripheral Damage of Antiproton Annihilation 06-02-2003 Completed
AD AD-5 ALPHA Antihydrogen Laser PHysics Apparatus 02-06-2005 Data Taking
AD AD-6 AEGIS Antihydrogen Experiment Gravity Interferometry Spectroscopy 05-12-2008 Preparation
AD AD-7 GBAR Gravitational Behaviour of Anti-Hydrogen at Rest 30-05-2012 Preparation
AD AD-8 BASE Baryon Antibaryon Symmetry Experiment 05-06-2013 Data Taking
LEP ALEPH The ALEPH Detector (Apparatus for LEp PHysics) 18-11-1982 Data Analysis
LHC ALICE ALICE - A Large Ion Collider Experiment 06-02-1997 Data Taking
Non-accelerator experiments AMS-RE1 Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Finished
LHC ATLAS ATLAS 31-01-1996 Data Taking
SPS AWAKE Advanced Proton-Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment 28-08-2013 Preparation
Non-accelerator experiments BABAR BaBar Finished
Non-accelerator experiments BELLE BEAMTEST Finished
Non-accelerator experiments BETS 01-09-1997 Finished
Non-accelerator experiments BOREX Finished
SPS CALET CALorimetric Electron Telescope Finished
R&D CALICE Proposal for SPS beam time for the CALICE calorimeter prototypes In-Progress