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Experiments & Projects

Name Synonym Title Programme Date of Approval Status
NA21 High Statistics Study of pbarp Annihilation Physics at the EHS SPS 16-10-1980 Withdrawn
E57 Study of double hyper fragments produced in \Xi capture events in emulsion PS Withdrawn
E53 Separation of xi- particles by means of a pulsed field PS Withdrawn
PS213 European Collaboration for High-Resolution Measurements of Neutron Cross Sections between 1 eV and 250 MeV PS Withdrawn
IS385 ISOLDE Charge Radius Measurement of the Halo nucleus 11Li ISOLDE Facility 15-06-2000 Withdrawn
SATAN A Solar Axion Search Using a Decommissioned LHC Test Magnet Non-accelerator experiments Withdrawn
WA8 Production of Rare Meson States in K+-p Collisions SPS 22-01-1975 Withdrawn
R409 A minimum bias trigger experiment using the SFM to study typical beam-beam ev. ISR 30-08-1972 Withdrawn
IS306 ISOLDE Systematic Measurements of the Bohr-Weisskopf Effect at ISOLDE ISOLDE Facility 06-02-1992 Withdrawn
IS301 ISOLDE Effect of Particle-Core-Vibration Coupling Near the Double Closed 132Sn Nucleus from Precise Magnetic Moment Measurements ISOLDE Facility 18-09-1991 Withdrawn
PS190 Study of Relativistic Nucleus-nucleus Coll.Induced by 16O Projectiles PS Withdrawn
SLIM5 The Project SLIM5 R&D Test
HERD The High Energy cosmic Radiation Detection facility SPS Test
EEE Progetto "La Scienza nelle Scuole" Non-accelerator experiments Test
RE19 CREAM The Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass experiment RE 03-03-2010 Preparation
EISA European Institute for Sciences and their Applications Non-accelerator experiments Preparation
RE8 LISA The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna RE 14-09-2000 Preparation
RE7 FERMI The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope RE 15-06-2000 Preparation
LHeC Large Hadron Electron Collider Future Collider Study Preparation
nTOF16 Measurement of the fission cross-section of 240 Pu and 242 Pu at CERN's n_TOF Facility PS 08-09-2011 Preparation