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Experiments and Projects under Study

Programme Name Synonym Title Date of Approval Status
R&D CALICE Proposal for SPS beam time for the CALICE calorimeter prototypes In-Progress
Future Collider Study CLICdp CLIC Detector and Physics Preparation
Non-accelerator experiments EEE Progetto "La Scienza nelle Scuole" Test
Non-accelerator experiments EISA European Institute for Sciences and their Applications Preparation
Non-accelerator experiments ESI European Scientific Institute In-Progress
Future Collider Study FCC Future Circular Collider Preparation
Non-accelerator experiments H8-RD22 CRYSTAL SPS-H8 experiment to test crystal collimation for LHC In-Progress
SPS HERD The High Energy cosmic Radiation Detection facility Test
Non-accelerator experiments LAA LAA Extension
R&D LANNDD 5m Driftinliquid Argon Test
Future Collider Study LHeC Large Hadron Electron Collider Preparation
Future Collider Study Linear Collider Detector LCD Preparation
R&D MEDIPIX 3 Pixel readout chips for particle detection and imaging Preparation
R&D microScint Microfluidic Scintillation Detectors Preparation
Non-accelerator experiments OPENLAB Evaluate cutting-edge IT technologies for the WLCG In-Progress
Non-accelerator experiments P349 Search for polarization effects in the antiproton production process Data Analysis
R&D Physics Beyond Colliders Study Preparation
SPS SHiP Search for Hidden Particles Preparation
R&D SLIM5 The Project SLIM5 Test
Non-accelerator experiments TERA TERA In-Progress