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Experiments and Projects under Study

Name Synonym Title Programme Date of Approval Status
CLICdp CLIC Detector and Physics Future Collider Study Preparation
EISA European Institute for Sciences and their Applications Non-accelerator experiments Preparation
ESI European Scientific Institute Non-accelerator experiments In-Progress
OPENLAB Evaluate cutting-edge IT technologies for the WLCG Non-accelerator experiments In-Progress
FCC Future Circular Collider Future Collider Study Preparation
LAA LAA Non-accelerator experiments Extension
LHeC Large Hadron Electron Collider Future Collider Study Preparation
microScint Microfluidic Scintillation Detectors R&D Preparation
MEDIPIX 3 Pixel readout chips for particle detection and imaging R&D Preparation
EEE Progetto "La Scienza nelle Scuole" Non-accelerator experiments Test
CALICE Proposal for SPS beam time for the CALICE calorimeter prototypes R&D In-Progress
H8-RD22 CRYSTAL SPS-H8 experiment to test crystal collimation for LHC Non-accelerator experiments In-Progress
SHiP Search for Hidden Particles SPS Preparation
P349 Search for polarization effects in the antiproton production process PS Data Analysis
TERA TERA Non-accelerator experiments In-Progress
HERD The High Energy cosmic Radiation Detection facility SPS Test
SLIM5 The Project SLIM5 R&D Test
UNOSAT Non-accelerator experiments In-Progress
Linear Collider Detector LCD Future Collider Study Preparation
Physics Beyond Colliders Study R&D Preparation