Programme Name Synonym Title Status Team Leader & Deputy Team Leader(s)
SPS AWAKE Advanced WAKEfield Experiment Preparation (TL) WING, MATTHEW
Neutrino Platform NP02 ProtoDUNE-DP LBNO DEMO Preparation (TL) CAMPANELLI, MARIO
Neutrino Platform NP03 PLAFOND Platform for Developing Neutrino Detectors Preparation (TL) NICHOL, RYAN JAMES
Neutrino Platform NP04 ProtoDUNE-SP Prototype of a Single-Phase Liquid Argon TPC for DUNE Preparation (TL) NICHOL, RYAN JAMES
R&D RD-18 CRYSTAL CLEAR R&D on scintillation materials for novel ionizing radiation detectors for High Energy Physics, medical imaging and industrial applications In-Progress
SPS SHiP Search for Hidden Particles Preparation (TL) CAMPANELLI, MARIO