Programme Name Synonym Title Status Team Leader & Deputy Team Leader(s)
ISOLDE Facility IS393 ISOLDE Beta-decay study of very neutron-rich Cd isotopes with a chemically selective laser ion source Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS421 REX-ISOLDE Study of Neutron-Rich 124,126,128Cd Isotopes; Excursion from Symmetries to Shell-Model Picture Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS429 ISOLDE Parity Non-Conservation in Nuclei: the Case of 180mHf Revisited Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS434 ISOLDE A Study of the r-Process Path Nuclides, 137,138,139Sb Using the Enhanced Selectivity of Resonance Ionization Laser Ionization Finished
ISOLDE Facility IS441 ISOLDE Ultra Fast Timing Measurements at 78Ni and 132Sn Completed
ISOLDE Facility IS474 ISOLDE Fast-timing studies of nuclei below 68Ni populated in the B-decay of Mn isotopes Data Taking
ISOLDE Facility IS600 ISOLDE Beta-delayed neutron Spectroscopy of 130-132 Cd Isotopes with the ISOLDE Decay Station and the VANDLE array Data Taking