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Name Parent Name Town Country
Ankara University Ankara Turkey
Ankara University Institute of Accelerator Technologies Ankara Turkey
Bahcesehir University BAU Istanbul Turkey
Bogazici University Istanbul Turkey
Celal Bayar University Physics Department Manisa Turkey
Department of Physics Bogazici University Istanbul Turkey
Department of Physics Engineering Ankara University Ankara Turkey
Exptl. High Energy Physics Lab. Middle East Technical University Ankara Turkey
Istanbul Aydin University Istanbul Turkey
Istanbul Bilgi University Istanbul Turkey
Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Istanbul Turkey
Istanbul University Faculty of Science Istanbul Turkey
KTO Karatay University Konya Turkey
Middle East Technical University Cankaya Ankara Turkey
Nigde University Faculty of Art and Science Nigde Turkey
Physics Department Middle East Technical University Ankara Turkey
Physics Department Science and Art Faculty Cukurova University Adana Turkey
Uludag University Bursa Turkey
Yildiz Technical University Istanbul Turkey