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ISOLDE Facility Research Programme

Name Synonym Title Date of Approval Status
IS409 REX-ISOLDE Fusion Reactions at the Coulomb Barrier with Neutron-rich Mg Isotopes 30-05-2002 Data Taking
IS456 ISOLDE Study of polonium isotopes ground state properties by simultaneous atomic- and nuclear-spectroscopy 21-02-2007 Data Taking
IS472 ISOLDE High Resolution optical spectroscopy in isotopically-pure Si using radioactive isotopes: towards a re-evaluation of deep centres 27-02-2008 Data Taking
IS474 ISOLDE Fast-timing studies of nuclei below 68Ni populated in the B-decay of Mn isotopes 21-04-2008 Data Taking
IS481 ISOLDE The role of In in III-nitride ternary semiconductors 05-12-2008 Data Taking
IS483 ISOLDE Measurement of the magnetic moment of the 2+state in neutron-rich radioactive 72,74Zn using the transient field technique in inverse kinematics 05-12-2008 Data Taking
IS488 ISOLDE Ag(I), Pb(II) and Hg(II) binding to biomolecules studied by Perturbed Angular Correlation of gamma-rays (PAC) spectroscopy: Function and toxicity of metal ions in biological systems 04-03-2009 Data Taking
IS500 ISOLDE Collection of Rb-83 at low implantation energy for KATRIN 03-03-2010 Data Taking
IS521 ISOLDE Simultaneous spectroscopy of x rays and conversion electrons: Systematic study of E0 transitions and intruder states in close vicinity of mid-shell point in odd-Au isotopes 02-03-2011 Preparation
IS527 ISOLDE Precision measurement of the half-life and branching ratio of the T=1/2 mirror beta decay of 37K 30-11-2011 Data Taking
IS529 ISOLDE Spins, Moments and Charge Radii Beyond 48Ca 30-11-2011 Data Taking
IS531 ISOLDE Collinear resonant ionization spectroscopy for neutron rich copper isotopes 30-11-2011 Preparation
IS534 ISOLDE Beta-delayed fission, laser spectroscopy and shape-coexistence studies with radioactive At beams 29-02-2012 Data Taking
IS540 ISOLDE UCx prototype target tests for ActILab-ENSAR 29-02-2012 Data Taking
IS542 ISOLDE Remeasurement of Ar-32 to test the IMME 29-02-2012 Preparation
IS543 ISOLDE Measurement of the 44Ti(alpha,p)47V reaction cross section, of relevance to gamma-ray observation of core collapse supernovae, using reclaimed 44Ti 29-02-2012 Data Taking
IS550 ISOLDE Study of the Di-nuclear System ARb + 209Bi (Z1 + Z2 = 120) 28-11-2012 Preparation
IS553 ISOLDE Determination of the B(E3,0+->3-) strength in the octupole correlated nuclei 142,144Ba using Coulomb excitation 28-11-2012 Preparation
IS556 ISOLDE Spectroscopy of low-lying single-particle states in 81Zn populated in the 80Zn(d.p) reaction 28-11-2012 Preparation
IS557 ISOLDE Coulomb excitation 74Zn-80Zn (N=50): probing the validity of shell-model descriptions around 78Ni 28-11-2012 Preparation