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Neutrino Platform Research Programme
Name Synonym Title Date of Approval Status
NP01 ICARUS/WA104 ICARUS 28-09-2016 Delivered
NP02 ProtoDUNE-DP LBNO DEMO 28-09-2016 Preparation
NP03 PLAFOND Platform for Developing Neutrino Detectors 28-09-2016 Preparation
NP04 ProtoDUNE-SP Prototype of a Single-Phase Liquid Argon TPC for DUNE 28-09-2016 Preparation
NP05 Baby MIND Prototype of a Magnetized Iron Neutrino Detector 28-09-2016 Delivered
NP06 ENUBET R&D on a Monitored and Tagged Neutrino Beam 05-03-2019 Preparation
NP07 ND280 Upgrade of the T2K Near Detector 05-03-2019 Preparation