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PS Research Programme

Name Synonym Title Date of Approval Status
ELENA Extra Low ENergy Antiproton 08-06-2011 Preparation
PS212 DIRAC Lifetime Measurements of pi+ pi- and pi+- K-+ Atoms to Test Low-Energy QCD Predictions 08-02-1996 Data Analysis
PS215 CLOUD A Study of the Link between Cosmic Rays and Clouds with a Cloud Chamber at the CERN PS 01-03-2006 Data Taking
nTOF COLLABORATION Neutron Time-Of-Flight (n_TOF) experiment 14-04-1999 Data Taking
nTOF1 European Collaboration for High-Resolution Measurements of Neutron Cross Sections between 1 eV and 250 MeV 15-04-1999 Data Taking
nTOF12 n_TOF New target commissioning and beam characterization 05-12-2008 Preparation
nTOF13 The role of Fe and Ni for s-process nucleosynthesis in the early Universe and for innovative nuclear technologies 04-03-2009 Preparation
nTOF14 Angular distributions in the neutron-induced fission of actinides 04-03-2009 Preparation
nTOF15 Neutron capture cross section measurements of 238U, 241Am and 243Am at n_TOF 03-06-2009 Preparation
nTOF16 Measurement of the fission cross-section of 240 Pu and 242 Pu at CERN's n_TOF Facility 08-09-2011 Preparation
nTOF17 The neutron capture cross section of the s-process branch point isotope 63Ni 01-12-2010 Preparation
nTOF18 Spin assignments of nuclear levels above the neutron binding energy in 88Sr 30-11-2011 Preparation
nTOF19 Measurements of neutron-induced capture and fission reactions on 235 U: cross sections and ratios, photon strength functions and prompt y-ray from fission 30-11-2011 Preparation
nTOF20 Neutron capture cross section of 93 Zr 30-11-2012 Preparation
nTOF21 Neutron capture cross section of 25Mg and its astrophysical implications 29-02-2012 Preparation
nTOF22 Micromegas detector for 33S(n,a) cross section measurement at n_TOF 29-02-2012 Preparation
nTOF23 The (n, a) reaction in the s-process branching point 59Ni 29-02-2012 Preparation
nTOF24 Fission Fragment Angular Distributions in the 234U(n,f) and 236U(n,f)reactions 29-02-2012 Preparation
nTOF25 Neutron capture cross sections of  70,72,73,74,76   Ge at n\_TOF EAR-1 27-11-2013 Preparation
nTOF26 Radiative capture on 242Pu for MOX fuel reactors 27-11-2013 Preparation