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R&D Research Programme

Name Synonym Title Date of Approval Status
RD-18 CRYSTAL CLEAR R&D on scintillation materials for novel ionizing radiation detectors for High Energy Physics, medical imaging and industrial applications 04-04-1991 In-Progress
RD42 Development of Diamond Tracking Detectors for High Luminosity Experiments at the LHC 22-09-1994 In-Progress
RD50 Development of Radiation Hard Semiconductor Devices for Very High Luminosity Colliders 30-05-2002 In-Progress
RD51 Development of Micro-Pattern Gas Detectors Technologies 05-12-2008 In-Progress
RD53 Development of pixel readout integrated circuits for extreme rate and radiation 28-08-2013 Preparation
UA9 CRYSTAL 03-09-2008 In-Progress